Best Funeral Insurance

What is the best Funeral Insurance?

The best Funeral Insurance is the one that can be qualified for and will not expire. This means that a whole life insurance policy will be selected.  Whole life comes in two policies.  One is Simplified and the other is Guaranteed.

Simplified Funeral Insurance


Simplified Insurance Policies require a physical exam and a very complete health questionnaire. Background screenings that check medical records at local pharmacies and hospitals for the potential insurer may also be required.    The aforementioned background information is needed as this type of Insurance Policy is less expensive than the Guaranteed policy.  

Guaranteed Funeral Insurance

Guaranteed issue

The Guaranteed Whole Life Insurance Policy that is used for Funeral Insurance does not require an exam, no health questions.  This policy is for people aged between 50 to 80, and the policy is more expensive due to it not requiring a physical exam.

Everyone has different requirements and everyone is different.  With that understanding, the best Funeral Insurance Policy is the one that is best suited for the person buying the policy.  

The planning for a future funeral is pretty simple and please note that millions of families have done this before.  For those who have continued to prognosticate, its time to take a moment and review the benefits to both you, your spouse, and your family of creating a meaningful and healing funeral experience without the added strain of emotional stress at the time of death.  

By planning ahead, you and your family can:

  • Plan the service you want
  • Freeze the price. The price you are guaranteed today never changes, even if the cost of a funeral increases over time
  • Save hundreds or even thousands of dollars by eliminating overspending.
  • Your family can have peace of mind knowing that expenses will not be a problem when you die.
  • Spare your family the stress and expense of making funeral arrangements at a time when all they will want to do is grieve.

Simply fill out the form on the right of the page and hit the send button and we will contact you to provide information on a variety of pre-planning topics for you and your loved ones.  No one has ever regretted planning their funeral.  It’s easy and it’s free.  So start planning to get the Best Funeral Insurance today.

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