Funeral Costs

The Costs for a Funeral

The days of yesteryear when a person was buried in a pinewood box are long forgotten.  Today, funeral, burial and cremation costs range from a couple of thousand dollars to upwards of $15,000 and more depending on the type of service and casket desired.  Funeral homes and crematoriums provide a list of expenses that are close to those listed below.

The service and costs below are national medians and average funeral expenses in the United States of an adult burial or cremation. All of the below services include costs for a viewing and cemetery burial. Prices vary significantly by state.

Makeup and Dressing of the body$250.00
Viewing & Ceremony$950.00
Cemetery plot & Graveside fees$3,500.00
Transfer remains to funeral home$350.00
Service car / limo$150.00
Urn and vault Liner$1,400.00
Headstone & installation fees$3,000.00
Basic memorial printed package$150.00

Funeral Insurance has proven to be a wise investment

It can be a challenge for families or individuals to plan on paying for the end of a life.  This funeral expenses page provides a look at the costs and tries to help families and individuals understand final expenses.  Please note that these costs could be affected by inflation and rise over time.  The data will help determine whether Funeral Insurance is a good investment that will meet the needs of a family or individual.  Potential buyers should know that the Insurance Industry sells millions of these policies each year.

In our opinion, the key to finding the best funeral insurance company for a family or individual is to choose an agency with knowledgeable insurance agents that can impartially provide the funeral insurance coverage that is best suited for your specific health and lifestyle. Fill out the form on the Home Page or Contact Us Page and one of our experienced insurance agents will give you a call to answer any and all questions.