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Last year the cremation rate in the US exceeded 50% and it appears that more families are choosing Cremation.  One of the reasons is that the cost of cremation is far less than a burial.  The cost for cremation and Cremation Insurance varies by state, by city, and by the provider.

There are cost differences involving cremations.  For instance, a direct cremation is when the deceased is immediately cremated.  There is no service, and the cremated remains are immediately returned to the family or scattered by a representative.  This is the least expensive cremation.

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A cremation does not preclude a funeral.  Family members can plan to have a simple or elaborate funeral in order to celebrate and memorialize the life of the deceased.

In addition, most cremation providers can help the family arrange for a funeral for the departed. Moreover, these providers can rent a casket for the event as there will be no need for one due to the deceased being cremated. Basically, the cost of cremation includes the cremation, the funeral home where the funeral may take place, fees for picking up the deceased, and a fee for maintaining the departed until the cremation is completed.

Thus, as most funeral homes do not have their own crematorium, the family of the deceased needs to take into consideration, the cost of transferring the body from the funeral home to the crematorium. Additionally,  there are municipal registration costs, Coroner’s certificate costs, and so on.

In conclusion, pre-planning a funeral and cremation by purchasing Cremation Insurance, though seemingly difficult, will in the long run, provide peace of mind knowing that all the bills will be paid.    

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