Buy Burial Insurance

Questions and Answers about Funeral and Burial Insurance

How do you know if you need to Buy Burial Insurance to pay for Funeral Expenses?

Probably the first indication occurs when the family begins to worry about where the funds will come from in order for your spouse and family to pay for the cost of a Funeral, Burial, or Cremation.  Being informed of the different types of Funeral Insurance assists in making sound decisions.  We recommend thoroughly researching the topic and giving us a call to speak to one of our insurance experts before you buy Burial Insurance.  Funeral insurance can provide for unexpected costs depending on the structure of the policy. These policies will provide funding immediately upon the death of the policyholder.  Funeral, Burial, or Cremation insurance is not affected by probate and is paid upon the death of the policy holder.   

Can I control who gets paid from my burial insurance policy?

Pre-need funeral insurance allows the policyholder to maintain complete funding control over a funeral.  Final Expense Insurance provides policyholders to cover more than funeral expenses as long as written directions exist.  To ensure directions and wishes, an attorney or other trusted individual would immediately receive notification upon the policyholder’s death.

Can I buy burial insurance if my health continues to decline?

As previously mentioned, there are several different types of Funeral, Burial and Cremation Insurance Policies.  One type of burial policy guarantees Acceptance and everyone qualifies.  Your health, age. and several other factors will determine the cost of the policy.  This type of policy incurs a two to three year waiting period for the policy to become active.

Can Coupons or discounts lower costs when buying Burial Insurance?

Coupons and discounts do not affect prices when purchasing funeral insurance.  State rules and regulations prohibit them.  However, reducing costs can happen by choosing the type of Funeral Insurance that is purchased.  For instance, buying affordable Term Insurance costs less than Whole Life Insurance and Pre-need Insurance locks-in today’s prices for tomorrow’s more expensive funeral.

How can I learn about what Burial Insurance options?

The first step — Conduct research by searching the internet.  The second step — Call us or complete the form on the Contact Page.  Upon notification, one of our insurance experts will call you to answer all questions and to provide the facts about Funeral, Burial, and Cremation Insurance with no costs or obligations. 

What amount of Funeral Insurance should be purchased?

Funerals in the United States range from approximately $7,000 to $10,000.  The price includes funeral home services, burial or cremation, a casket or urn, and the purchase and installation of a headstone at the cemetery.  You may need more or less than this to carry out your final wishes, but in general, getting a burial insurance policy for $10.000 should cover all of the above expenses.

What constitutes Pre-Need Insurance?

Pre-Need Insurance is insurance sold by Funeral Homes or agents working for them. The cost of the Funeral, Burial, or Cremation requires payment in advance.  The contract spells out all of your funeral arrangements in advance at the current prices.  Risks to consider: Buyer beware that the Funeral Home may not be in business when you need them in decades to come. The key advantage of a Pre-Need policy: Lock in today’s prices for your funeral in years to come.

Can Life Insurance pay for Funeral Expenses?

Life insurance can pay for Funeral, Burial or Cremation expenses. However, these insurance policies differ from specific Funeral Insurance in that the payment goes directly to a beneficiary, Then it’s up to the beneficiary to decide on use and distribution.  The single most important purpose of life insurance: Provide financial security for the insurer’s survivors. Life insurance policies cost above $100,000 and Funeral Insurance cost between $6,000 and $15,000.  While Life Insurance provides funding for many, many things, Funeral Insurance only pays for funeral costs and final expenses. Some people purchase both kinds of policies.