Obtaining a Funeral / Burial Insurance Policy.

When someone purchases a Funeral Insurance Policy or a Burial Insurance Policy, the most important point for the buyer to consider is:


A well-funded Funeral / Burial Insurance Policy will take care of all necessary expenses.  As such, families should plan on an unexpected passing so that the death of a loved one will not burden family members with a funeral’s cost.  Fortunately, either funeral, burial, or cremation Insurance really helps to avoid unplanned large expenses and potential debt to the immediate family and especially mom.    

Also as a company, we go the extra mile to present the facts and fully explain Funeral, Burial, and Cremation Insurance at no cost.  Now there are other companies that do this, but we are different.  Furthermore, we separate ourselves by providing the facts without a high powered sales pitch.  

Funeral Insurance Facts

We pride ourselves in providing all of the facts and being totally transparent.  So, did you know that Social Security provides a lump sum Death Benefit of $255?  Congress passed the law providing this death benefit way back in 1954. Sixty plus years ago that amount could pay for most of the funeral costs.   But today, funerals cost thousands of dollars, and according to the National Funeral Directors Association, the median cost of a funeral with burial is about $7,181. The median cost for a cremation is about $6,100.  To most living in the United States, that’s a lot of money that most people don’t have readily available!

Also, the proper burial insurance policy should cover the costs of the funeral and or cremation so your family doesn’t have to dip into savings.  As such, no one wants to burden their family and that’s why obtaining a Funeral Insurance Policy can be so beneficial.  Finally, Burial Insurance is a fine investment. 

There are basically five (5) pros and cons of purchasing Funeral / Burial Insurance.

Pros Cons
Qualification is very easy. The insurance policies are specific, and hence, have lower benefits than many other insurance policies.
There are few to no health questions to answer. Good Health is not a prerequisite, and therefore, discounts of good health are not provided.
A medical exam is not needed. Sometimes the policy rates are a bit higher than the usual Life Insurance policies.
To prevent a burden on the family, there are methods and options to arrange services and payments prior to death. The total paid in premiums will be close to the actual funeral costs.
These insurance policies usually accumulate a cash value for use while the policy is active. Usually, no extra funds are available in the policy after the funeral.

What is Funeral Insurance?

Before looking into burial policies, it’s important to understand what this term means. As a result of your research, you may see burial insurance referred to as funeral insurance, final expense insurance, cremation insurance, or even senior life insurance.  Also, it’s very possible that you have seen commercials for these kinds of products on TV or on the internet. As such, all of the different names for funeral or burial insurance refer to a certain kind of life insurance policy that has been designed and tailored for seniors and family members to use to pay for final expenses when an insured loved-one passes away.

We all agree that the death of a family member is extremely sad — especially if the death is going to burden mom.  For sure,  no one wants to put mom through more misery by worrying about paying for the funeral.

Funeral Insurance is easy to buy and applications normally require answering a limited amount of health questions.  In addition, some policies, which guarantee approval, do not have any health-related questions. 


When comparing Funeral, Burial, and Cremation insurance with typical life insurance, one sees that the Funeral, Burial, and Cremation insurance is a much smaller amount, and therefore, the cost is much less expensive. 

We believe that a Funeral, Burial, and Cremation Insurance policy is cost-effective and in most cases something that everyone should have. Because of this position, our goal is to provide knowledge and facts to those interested in learning more about this insurance.  We have the experts with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to lay out the facts and costs to you with absolutely NO OBLIGATION.  

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